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We are a group of photographers who enjoy looking for Unusual, Unique and Stunning images to capture and show to our Clients and Friends through this web site and occasionally, personally at Galleries and Markets.

We are travellers and our main focus is to visit Villages, small Towns, and places of interest and capture the images unique to these places and display them here, to be viewed and downloaded.

The Village Photographers, have a large database of images that is growing rapidly, there are images for the Markets for Scrapbooking, Advertising and for decorating the Home, as well as our stockiImages we have a clients page where our growing group of customers can view their Photographs.

As we travel we are often asked to do Portraits, to Photograph Sporting events and Commercial work for a variety of people and industries, we will have a list of places that we are intending to visit and if any one visiting this site has any requests we would be only too happy to talk about your requirements.

Cheers, we hope that you enjoy our work.